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Reinforcement detailing significantly accelerates the creation of 2d reinforcement sheets out of 3d rebar models in Revit.

Creation of bar lists, Bending schedules and cultists for wire meshes is included as well.

  • Reinforcement weight and bending schedules.
  • Distribute reinforcement in elements with complex shapes.
  • Automated tagging tool for rebars and fabrics.
  • Creation of rebar and fabric shape details.
  • To create BIM models from point cloud scan/pdf/cad.
  • To coordinate architectural models with other disciplines.
  • To create custom Revit family or BIM content.
  • Develop rich data architectural & structural BIM models.
  • Develop 3D,4D,5D models.
  • Virtual construction.
  • Develop 2D drawings.
  • Coordination and clash detections.
  • Cad conversion.
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